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Cruises on the canal Saint Martin

09h45 : Départ du Musée d'Orsay

>  09h45 : Départ du Musée d'Orsay

You’ll embark close to the Musée d’Orsay on the Seine river and pass by the Tuileries’ garden, the Musée du Louvre… And there is the Arts’ footbridge, the Institute of France, the City’s Island and Notre Dame. Not forgetting the magnificent particular hotels of the Saint Louis Island. Suddenly the adventure begins with the first lock and the entrance to the canal Saint-Martin. Here is the Arsenal Port and the Bastille’s genius is looking at you from the 171 feet of its column.

Then, the boat enters in the dark : 1,24 Miles of darkness inside a mysterious underneath vault perforated by light holes… A place filled with magic and beauty. Once you come out from the tunnel, you’ll discover the canal Saint-Martin filled of poetry : a surprising aquatic path surrounded by romantic footbridge which are bordered by chestnut trees and fishermen. Near the Temple’s lock we can see Frederic Lemaître’s bust based on a public square, Ganrance and the “Children of Heaven” aren’t far from here. Here is the Recollets’ lock and the Hotel du Nord : the “atmosphere” is really here ! François Villon’s ghost is murmuring “Human brothers, who are living after us…”. We’re approaching the Dead lock where the Montfaucon gibbet was standing.

The boat passes by the Bassin de la Villette, then the rising footbridge of Crimée street before reeching the Parc de la Villette, ultimate spot of your cruise. There you’ll find the Geode, the Cité des Sciences, the Music Museum and also the magnificent themed gardens.


Meeting in the Quai Anatole France, in front of the Musée d’Orsay, PARIS 7th district (Subway station : Solférino or Suburban train station : Musée d’Orsay)

• Departure at 9.30AM and arrival around 12.30AM in the center of the Parc de la Villette.

Information : Our 2 hour 30 cruises on the Seine river and the canal Saint-Martin have French and English commentaries and are daily from the 23th of March to the 11th of November of 2013 (outside from these dates : on demand for groups of more than 40 persons).

>  Opening schedules

The 21/03/2018, from 24/03/2018 until 25/03/2018, the 28/03/2018, from 31/03/2018 until 08/04/2018, from 10/04/2018 until 13/05/2018, from 15/05/2018 until 27/05/2018, from 29/05/2018 until 03/06/2018, from 05/06/2018 until 10/06/2018, from 12/06/2018 until 17/06/2018, from 19/06/2018 until 24/06/2018, from 26/06/2018 until 01/07/2018, from 03/07/2018 until 02/09/2018, from 04/09/2018 until 09/09/2018, from 11/09/2018 until 16/09/2018, from 18/09/2018 until 23/09/2018, from 25/09/2018 until 30/09/2018, from 02/10/2018 until 07/10/2018, from 09/10/2018 until 14/10/2018, from 16/10/2018 until 04/11/2018, the 07/11/2018, from 10/11/2018 until 11/11/2018, the 14/11/2018, from 17/11/2018 until 18/11/2018, the 21/11/2018, from 24/11/2018 until 25/11/2018, the 28/11/2018, from 01/12/2018 until 02/12/2018, from 08/12/2018 until 09/12/2018, from 15/12/2018 until 16/12/2018the 01/01/2019

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Groups accepted

>  Prices

Enfant (4-14 ans) 14 euros
Jeune (15-25 ans) 19 euros
Sénior (+60 ans) 19 euros
Adulte 22 euros
Baby price until 3 years old     Child price until 14 years old     Group price from 15 to 150 Persons *

>  Payment methods

Cheques, Chèques Vacances (French holiday vouchers), Cash, Visa, Banker's card and Culture cheques.

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